Nicole W.
I was having a terrible migraine and Ivan was able to knock my migraine down to a minor headache. The massage helped so much and I was able to function again for the rest of the day. His technique is amazing and I felt so comfortable.
Dusty Jackman
I’m a full time armed security guard and have chronic muscle pain in my mid and lower back from standing and walking around wearing all of my equipment. This back pain makes it hard for me to relax and I toss and turn in my sleep. I did a 60 minute session with Ivan and felt totally refreshed and relaxed afterward.
Elizabeth Lautenslager
Great, relaxing, clean environment. Very professional and prices were excellent.
Sarah S.
Where to start, I was referred to Ivan a few weeks post op surgery after a tummy tuck and arm lipo for lymphatic drainage and to help reduce swelling. I waited longer than I should have (1. from the lack of research on my part and 2. was not told post-op that massages were recommended to help the healing process). I started developing adhesions in my arm and a swollen chest, to the point the nurse I saw on my second post op visit said I NEED to go see Ivan right away. That he had used him for his own surgery recovery and he worked wonders! From the first visit at Ortiz Massage, I struggled to even get on the table and was not able to lay flat on my back. Ivan was able to help release so much tension and stiffness that I could finally put my legs down and lay fully flat just after one session. He really listens to his clients, educates them, and demonstrates empathy while offering the most professional care from a health care provider. I couldn't have been in better hands during my recovery process. Ivan slowly worked with me at my pace, to work out the adhesions in my arms. I had never heard of lymphatic massages prior to this surgery, but now see how vital it can be for even the healthiest athlete with muscle recovery. It's been almost a year now and I still go to Ivan, for lymphatic massages and some regular deep tissue massages to help with weightlifting recovery. What makes Ortiz Massage so unique, is that Ivan puts his customers first. He offers super affordable rates and packages because he wants to make sure his clients are able to get the care they need, and offers flexible working hours. He works with you to space out your sessions and adjusts to how you are feeling week by week. He reevaluates you at each visit to see what you would like to focus on before each treatment. He is highly knowledgeable when it comes to explaining the science, anatomy, and advice on what will help speed up your recovery. Since starting my sessions with Ivan, the surgeon has started offering pre-op and post-op sessions with Ivan after seeing how crucial lymphatic drainage is in the surgery journey. I had no idea what a journey this entire process would be prior to going into surgery. Recovery after a tummy tuck was the hardest thing I've ever had to endure physically (yes, even worse than labor). I honestly would have NO idea where I would be without the help of Ivan, and am forever indebted for his services. I am extremely grateful for crossing paths with such a kind caring provider and overall, a good human being.
Kristen P.
I've known Ivan for several years and he's really built his expertise in massage therapy. He's very thorough with working out a treatment plan with you. I was very impressed with how intuitive he is when it comes to understanding your needs. His sessions are very relaxing and effective. I've definitely noticed less pain and inflammation even after my first couple sessions. He always follows up after a day or 2 to see how your body is responding to the massage. Thank you for bringing your talent and professionalism to our community.
Tay J
I was happily able to see Ivan every week for 6 months. He really helped with relentless stiffness and joint pain brought on from a demanding lifting and walking job. He was always professional and remembered my problem areas. He has an affordable rate and he even helped me realize I could get coverage for his services from my insurance! Highly recommend especially since he has several different services!
Oz Salinas
Amazing, professional massage and experience each time. Conveniently located and very flexible with scheduling. I will be back and would recommend to anyone looking for a massage without the corporate vibe.